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How to Fix the iPhone Glitch That’s Preventing You From Typing the Letter ‘I’

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If you’re trying to type the letter “i” to a friend on your iPhone and instead get the letter “a” and some weird symbol, don’t worry. You are not alone.

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Along with the addition of a few new emojis, the latest iPhone iOS update — iOS 11.1 — brought along a major glitch that has some users struggling to type coherent sentences. The glitch has impacted a number of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with the updated software — and has not yet been resolved by Apple.

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However, the company is suggesting a quick fix: changing the settings for the letter “i” in your keyboard settings.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go into your Settings
  • Click “General”
  • Click “Keyboard”
  • Click “Text Replacement”
  • Click “+” to add a new one
  • Type an upper-case “I” under “Phrase” and type a lower-case “i” under “Shortcut”

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That fix should solve the glitch for now. It is unclear when the glitch will be resolved by Apple, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TIME.

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